I am a life long artist who started making jewelry twenty two years ago. I attended Tyler School of Art then fine tuned my skills working beside a long time Bowman's Jewelry School instructor. I earned my Graduate Gemologist degree from Gemological Institute of America in 2005. I have worked as a jewelry designer and goldsmith in the Lancaster area for the past seventeen years; working one-on-one with customers to design and create one of a kind heirloom jewelry.

I knew I would spend the rest of my life creating jewelry the first moment I was introduced. It brought together many worlds: earth, beauty, art, & creation.

All things have a certain resonance to them…they hold on to traces of energy such as a concept, a thought, or an attitude. Each of my pieces has it's own little story to tell, & whenever possible I like to relay those stories to my customers.

In my work I strive for perfection using age-old methods of jewelry manufacturing. Simple lines and soft curves come together to create jewelry that is subtly striking and sensuous. I believe it is important to adorn yourself with jewelry that is not only stylish, but expressive & meaningful to you.

Thanks for visiting,

Jennifer Lyn Sexton

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